How to care for jewelry

The beauty of jewelry is durable, but at the same time delicate and fragile. By following a few simple rules, your jewelry will enjoy its shine for a long time.

  • Avoid contact with water. The ingredients contained in it, such as chlorine or sea salt may have a negative effect on the appearance of the jewelry: it may lose gloss, discolor.
  • Ingredients of detergents used in the kitchen or bathroom, as well as deodorants or perfumes may react with coatings applied to jewelry and may cause wiping of the surface as well as tarnishing, especially delicate ones such as pearls.
  • Store it carefully. Make sure that your jewelery is stored in soft pouches, coffers or caskets. Thanks to this, it will not be exposed to damage or dust.
  • Treat with care. Jewelry is an extremely delicate product and requires special care in dealing with it. As a result of impact, squeezing, it can be permanently damaged, so take off your jewelry before starting the housework, doing sports or before going to sleep.
  • Coatings. Gilding, rhodium or oxidation is subject to natural abrasion.
    The impact of abrasion is primarily Ph skin, and improper use. Changing the color of the jewelry does not result from the defect of the product and is not subject to complaint.
  • Care. The best care treatment is cleaning jewelry from dust. It is recommended to use a special cloth for jewelry care. It is worth to give highly dirty jewelery for professional refreshing.

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