Brand philosophy

DITTA ZIMMERMANN is an author and designer of jewelery for many boutiques and jewelery chains in both Poland and Europe. For many years of design, Ditta Zimmermann has created her own recognizable style. However, she could not limit herself to one trend, because it would mean giving up creativity, and creativity expresses her charismatic personality. In 2015, she created a collection under her own name.

… be open to the world and its diversity, while remaining faithful to each other, to play with fashion without giving up their ideas, which are the starting point.

This is the motto that accompanies me for many years of design. I believe that the attempt to balance at the junction of fashion and art in the form of desingers’ jewelery collections will be noticed in the flood of images reaching you. The biggest reward for me as a designer is to draw the attention of the recipient, the moment of reflection and building emotions. I dedicate my jewelry to women who follow fashion trends while having more sophisticated needs in expressing their personality. For women who find jewelry in the possibilities of creating their own style. Convinced that it is possible to combine fashion and art. Convinced that the most beautiful truth and art is a woman.

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